Our Clients


Accuracy, mobility and precise way of working have been evaluated by the company's business partners. Evidence for this are many customers who are able to create and retain over the years. These include retail chains Fantastico, T-Market, Dar, Promarket, Avanti, Piccadilly, 345, HIT Hypermarket, Carrefour, Enna - Yoga, Frodo, Europe, Brilliant, Dauphin, CBA, Max, Nilana, Unipek and others.


We believe in good business relationship and benefit from the use of the efforts and abilities in working with our partners.


Фантастико Т-маркет Промаркет
Карфур Дар СВА
Ена - Йога Европа 345
Пикадили ХИТ Хипермаркет Унипек