From the distribution we inevitably enter the territory and logistics, our new logo is already „distribution and logistics”. Instead of large manufacturers to maintain distribution warehouses and transport to end customers, we close the whole chain of stream lines to their points of sale. Our work with an object allows us to make precise analysis of its opportunities. And to indicate solutions can achieve full capacity of the facility.


Logistics SM Group Ltd.


National coverage allows us to offer a comprehensive service to large companies. The trend worldwide is to Outsourcing logistics, manufacturers do not deal directly with the logistics, they concentrate on marketing and sales. Following global trends, develop this direction - from a warehouse loading and key customers, and small, which allows to optimize costs. Following global trends, develop this direction.


At this stage logistics company carries the following manufacturers:

-Prestige-96 Ltd., Pobeda PA, VIP Simers Group Ltd and Victoria Nuts Ltd.

to retail chains:
- Metro, Fantastico, T-Market, Piccadilly, Billa, HIT, CBA, Piccadilly and Europe.