About Us


About us

Company SM Group Ltd. was established in 1996 as a trading company operating from its own resources. The company specializes in the retail and wholesale, and since 2008 has targeted and logistical.The company has established its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. We manage with particular emphasis on ethics between us and our business partners and the full line of our business with the Bulgarian laws and regulations.

SM Group Ltd. has a rich portfolio which is constantly increasing. Our products are particularly from Bulgarian and international producers with whom we established a contractual relationship for joint marketing. Our goal is to offer products with permanent, high quality and satisfy the expectations and requirements of our customers. We strive to continuously improve performance at all levels of our business. We try to arrive at the most recent sources of information necessary for our careers.


About us 2

We try to arrive at the most recent sources of information necessary for our professional development. We apply our expertise in business development and strategy, marketing, sales, finance and management to create the excellent reputation of the company, offering our customers only the best quality products and high class.

National coverage allows us to offer a comprehensive service to large companies. The trend worldwide is to Outsourcing logistics, manufacturers do not deal directly with the logistics, they concentrate on marketing and sales. Following global trends, develop this direction - from a warehouse loading and key customers, and small, which allows to optimize costs. Look seriously towards logistics.

The greater portfolio of products and the respective number of customers have a distributor or supplier, so the efficiency of distribution / logistics is of greater importance. Indicators to ensure that efficiency is to reduce the load time of an object to the introduction and processing of requested and delivered quantities, optimizing routes, increasing the coverage of the territory, collecting data on the trend of sales of goods supplied by the individual sites and etc. Or in other words - a reduction in cost of sales and increase the number of sites covered per day trader.